Shannon (kungfuwaynewho) wrote,

Is that grief I'm feeling or just bad heartburn?

Well, the first screenplay competition announced, and I did not make the quarterfinals of the Page Screenwriting Awards.  I did make the second round, which they told people about last week, which made me foolishly optimistic. 

I still have three more competitions/festivals, but ugh.  I've been trying to remind myself that I didn't make Scriptapalooza last year, which was the first one I heard about, and I advanced in every other competition.  However, I think my scripts last year were a lot stronger, so I'm feeling pretty sure that this year is going to end up a dud.

Sigh.  I'm going to try and finish outlining this new one I've started this weekend, maybe finish the first five pages, and just keep on truckin'.
Tags: screenwriting, well fuck

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