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This and that.

It was bad enough that I had to work this weekend, and instead of getting the traditional three-day Labor Day weekend, I only got Monday off. But the BPU was out digging something or other, who knows, at the end of my street, and managed to cut the phone line, which meant my house was also without phone or internet this weekend. And of course no one could come out and fix it yesterday.

It's kind of sad how many things I can't manage to get done without the internet. "Let's go to the movies! Oh, no internet. How will we know the times? We could call...nah, let's just sit around and watch Martha Stewart." "That looks like a good recipe! We should make it. What do we need for seven minute icing? Oh, no internet. We could get a cookbook...nah, I think I remember from the show." "Let's go look at houses! Which houses? Oh, no internet. We could...shit, we're gonna have to drag the laptop to McDonald's and look."

Total pain in the ass.

(We found two great houses yesterday, but one is likely out of our price range, and the other is apparently going to public auction today, and I highly doubt we would be able to pay cash. Le sigh.)

I work all day today, then girls' night at Applebee's tonight, then tomorrow I just work 5-9, since I worked Sunday. Except I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon, and I'm going to find out if I need surgery on my wrist or not, so I'm definitely not looking forward to that. But then Thursday-Tuesday I'm taking a mini-vacation, and I'm pretty excited about that! Unless I've just had surgery on my wrist, in which case, that will suck.

Seriously though, if the internet's not back up tonight, I might die.
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