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NaWriSoMo Days Eight and Nine; Remember to Unblock Your Pops

Took a few days off the computer.  I need to do that every so often, more so the last year in this job, when I've been on the computer for eight straight hours.  I come home, and I don't really want to be on the computer anymore.

The interesting thing is that I suddenly haven't gotten a lot done.  It's not like the computer was masking these available super-productive home hours.  I just watched a lot of Community instead.

Day Eight
Screenwriting Contest: 7 pages --> Daily Total: 7 pages

Day Nine

The Fall: 12 pages --> Daily Total: 1 pages

I'm pretty proud of that single page I wrote yesterday.  I wrote it during staff inservice.  More specifically, I wrote it during a webinar entitled "Social Media Dos and Don'ts."  This thing, OMG.  First of all, it was an hour power point with a recorded podcast thingy talking about Facebook and Twitter, specifically using them at work for promotional purposes and stuff.  Except we're not allowed to use Facebook and Twitter at work.  Secondly, it was AN HOUR ABOUT USING FACEBOOK AND TWITTER.  So I had my little notebook and I wrote.  Now, don't take this to mean that I didn't pay attention to the webinar, because I am old hat at this.  I was able to pay attention so well I caught the two most hilarious things.

The first was an admonition to not use Internet Explorer, while we watched the entire presentation on Internet Explorer.  Those are the little things that bring me so much joy.  The second was the reminder that if a site isn't working for you, make sure to have your cookies on and your pop-blockers off.  At first, we all kind of thought it was a typo on the screen.  But then the recording caught up, and she told us like ten times to "turn off [our] pop-blockers."  It immediately became the new office meme.  Back at our branch, everyone was saying dumb things like, "I can't manage to open this can of pop.  Oh I forgot to turn my pop blocker off!"  I work in a place of incredibly sophisticated humor, btw.

The inservice did have other highlights.  We had a Red Cross seminar that was actually very educational and interesting, including the proper way to do the Heimlich, which I didn't know.  And we got free lunch!  That was pretty much the most exciting part of the day.  Is free lunch ever not exciting?
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