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NaWriSoMo Day Fifteen

The Orphan Queen: 32908 words --> Daily Total: 1251 words

I almost didn't write yesterday.  I was just feeling really blah at work, and I read Sherlock Holmes instead.  When I came home, my Gamps was out for dinner, and we watched like three episodes of Storage Wars.  Then I read about Penn State (why, I don't know, since it just makes me so angry that I end up just ranting to the empty room), and then I watched the first half of the KU-Kentucky game.  (KU lost, I am Not Happy at all, especially since we do the same dumb shit every year.  Why is Coach Self incapable of getting these guys to throw clean passes and get offensive rebounds?  Why do we have a point guard every year who just runs pell-mell down for the paint, into a cluster of three defenders, like a goddamn fool?  Why can we only score in brief little offensive bursts that punctuate long, long stretches of no offense at all?) 

Anyway, I was ready to call it a night.  Then I was like, ugh, I won't have anything to post tomorrow.  Do I make excuses?  Do I lie?  Do I just not post and hope no one notices?  And this is even being fully and completely aware that none of you actually give a shit.  But this is exactly why I was doing this, because it makes me accountable to myself, even if it's kinda dumb.  So I got out my laptop and sat up for another hour in bed and finished the section I was on.  And it was awesome, and I figured a character thing out that I think will be a big deal later on.

I have a lot of goals for today, since I don't go to work till 5pm.  Like most days I have grand goals, I will be happy if I complete one.  My goals are: to incorporate all the notes and edits to the Screenwriting Contest from reading it at writer's group Monday night; to write at least two more scenes on The Fall; to write at least the opening scene of my untitled zombie screenplay; to work on my Latin for the first time in two weeks.  If I'm feeling especially ambitious, I might go get my flu shot.
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