Shannon (kungfuwaynewho) wrote,

NaWriSoMo Days Twenty-Nine

The Orphan Queen: 47377 words --> Daily Total: 1323 words

Can I write 2623 words today?  Stay tuned!

Announcing a new and amazing landcomm, unlike all other landcomms.  It's called...

Anything Goes is an interactive community with games, puzzles, challenges, and more!
Apply Today!
Phase 1 starts January 1st, but teams are being formed now.

Created by the awesome naushika, it's going to be kah-razzy.  Fandoms of any kind are not a prerequisite.  It's just going to be a super-duper huge amount of fun.  I asked Ron Swanson what he thought about ohanythinggoes, and he said the following:
Tags: all the tags, landcomm nonsense, martine cares, updates no care cares about, writing
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