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Weird, good, confusing, drama-filled, busy weekend.  Saturday my sister and I went out with some friends to this super-weird antique store in downtown KCMO.  It was on this street that looked like a bunch of old abandoned warehouses, and I probably would never have driven down it otherwise.  The store is only open the first weekend of every month, so three days a month, and it had all kinds of strange shit.  Some of it was your usual over-priced "vintage" furniture, which looks like they bought it from Goodwill, stripped the varnish, then painted and "distressed" it.  So kinda pretty but I am not paying $400 for that.  I found a few knick-knacks, like three glass apothecary jars, but it was more about the experience I think than anything else.

You know that scene in Jaws where they throw the chum in the water and then the shark appears?  This store was kind of like that, but with hipsters instead. 

Then we wandered over to City Market, bought tons of spices, and went to the Mediterranean Market.  Yesterday we had grilled tandoori chicken and onions on naan with cucumber dill sauce.  Hnnnngh.

So lots of other stuff happened but it's the kind of stuff I don't really talk about here (mysterious!), but I think it'll all mostly balance out to being good.  It made for a hectic and just on-edge weekend, though, so I'm strangely Zen about going back to work today.

33. Bossypants, Tina Fey.  11-9.
34. The Walking Dead Vol.3: Safety Behind Bars, Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard.  11-16.
35. The Valley of Fear, Arthur Conan Doyle.  11-16.
36. The Last Pentacle of the Sun: Writings in Support of the West Memphis Three, Brett Alexander Savory, M.W. Anderson, and Clive Barker.  11-25.

22. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011).  11-19.

Television Episodes
305. New Girl - 1x04 - “Naked.”  11-1.
306. Raising Hope - 2x05 - “Killer Hope.”  11-1.
307. Community - 3x06 - “Advanced Gay.”  11-3.
308. Parks and Recreation - 4x06 - “End of the World.”  11-3.
309. The Office - 8x06 - “Doomsday.”  11-3.
310. New Girl - 1x01 - “Pilot.”  11-5.
311. New Girl - 1x02 - “Kryptonite.”  11-6.
312. The Walking Dead - 2x04 - “Cherokee Rose.”  11-6.
313. Community - 3x07 - “Studies in Modern Movement.”  11-10.
314. Parks and Recreation - 4x07 - “The Treaty.”  11-10.
315. The Office - 8x07 - “Pam’s Replacement.”  11-10.
316. Raising Hope - 2x06 - “Jimmy and The Kid.”  11-11.
317. New Girl - 1x05 - “CeCe Crashes.”  11-11.
318. The Walking Dead - “Chupacabra.”  11-13.
319. Community - 3x08 - “Documentary Filmmaking Redux.”  11-17.
320. Parks and Recreation - 4x08 - “Smallest Park.”  11-17.
321. The Office - 8x08 - “Gettysburg.”  11-17.
322. American Horror Story - 1x04 - “Halloween Part I.”  11-18.
323. American Horror Story - 1x05 - “Halloween Part II.”  11-19.
324. Community - 1x21 - “Contemporary American Poultry.”  11-20.
325. American Horror Story - 1x06 - “Piggy Piggy.”  11-20.
326. The Walking Dead - 2x06 - “Secrets.”  11-20.
327. Cheers - 1x16 - “The Boys in the Bar.”  11-24.
328. Cheers - 5x09 - “Thanksgiving Orphans.”  11-24.
329. The Walking Dead - 2x07 - “Pretty Much Dead Already.”  11-27.
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