Shannon (kungfuwaynewho) wrote,

Drabble: In the Shadows

Horribly sappy B5 John/Delenn drabble under the cut.  writerverse is doing a weekly drabble challenge, which is where the prompts for this week and last week's drabbles came from.  (Seriously, "in the shadows"?  That prompt was made for B5.)  Unfortunately, I'm not really feeling the other prompts this week, so just one this time.  430 words, PG.

It was either very late or very early; Delenn could not decide which. She had not been able to sleep, and finally gave up trying. It was a long walk to the War Room, but she knew she would find him there.

And there he was, alone, slumped in a chair, staring at the galactic map spread across several screens. The lights in the rest of the room were low, making the red lights denoting Shadow attacks glow all the brighter. Delenn stood in the shadows for several minutes, just watching him, what narrow crescent of his face she could see. There was an ache, something she was unsure if her body or spirit were feeling, some need she could not put a name to. She thought John might be able to, though. One day she would ask him.

Delenn was sure she had not moved, had not made a sound, but John swiveled in his chair, looking right at her. “Hey,” he said, with that smile she had come to learn was for her alone. An outstretched hand beckoned her forward. She intended to draw a chair up beside his, but instead his arm looped around her waist, drawing her down to his lap. Before she could protest, his lips found hers, gentle yet insistent, wonderfully warm. Too soon, the kiss ended, by mutual decision it seemed, though he sighed into her neck as he hugged her close.

“You should sleep,” she murmured into his hair, knowing he was not likely to do so but feeling compelled to say it all the same. He chuckled, that low grunt that had been the very first thing, even before his smile, that had managed to affect her in a physical way, leaving her to spend far too many nights alone dreaming of something she then thought she could not have.

“Sit with me awhile,” he said in answer, and he locked his arms around her waist, keeping her right where she was. Delenn would not have protested anyway, but it was nice to surrender to him in this small way.

Maybe some other night she would ask him what he was thinking, as he stared and stared. Maybe some other night they would discuss strategy, confide in each other their worries, their hopes, their fears, their dreams. Maybe some other night she would convince him to take a few quiet hours of rest. But not tonight. Tonight they sat, warm in each other's arms, and if the room saw them steal a few more kisses, then it did not tell anyone else their secret.

Tags: b5, fic, j/d

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