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Oscars 2018

Oof, beefed this year's predictions.  I made the bold prediction of Get Out thinking this year might be similar to 2016, when Mad Max and The Revenant were the head-to-head favorites but Spotlight sort of beamed in to win with only an Original Screenplay win.  But if I hadn't gone No Guts No Glory, I would have picked Three Billboards as the likely winner, so it was sort of a double beef.

Also was predicting at least one actor upset, which tends to happen most often in Supporting Actor (see: Adam Arkin, Mark Rylance), but all four categories went right down the line according to precursors.  Ah well.

An okay show.  I was surprised by one of the montages, the sort of overall Movie montage; I'll have to see if it gets uploaded to YT later on.  There was a line of dialogue about how hope (I think it was hope) never dies, that was cut over a shot of Anton Yelchin from Star Trek.  Caught me completely off-guard and out of nowhere; I just started blubbering.

I enjoyed The Shape of Water and am always happy when something of a genre-bent wins big, but I have to admit, it just didn't come together as a film for me.  I think all of the pieces were there except for the actual script itself; there were just some holes, some places that didn't gel.  I always have favorites in the Best Picture race, but it's sort of odd to have a movie I really liked win that I think actually didn't really deserve to win?  I actually only saw three out of nine of the nominees this year, but the other two that I did see - Dunkirk and Get Out - were both better, I think. 

It was awfully cute to see Doug Jones up on that stage, though.
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2018 No Guts No Glory Oscar Predictions

Best Picture: Get Out
Best Director: Guillermo del Toro
Best Actor: Gary Oldman
Best Actress: Frances McDormand
Supporting Actor: Willem Dafoe
Supporting Actress: Allison Janney

Animated Feature: Coco
Animated Short: Revolting Rhymes
Adapted Screenplay: Call Me By Your Name
Original Screenplay: Get Out
Cinematography: Blade Runner 2049

Documentary Feature: Last Man in Aleppo
Documentary Short: Edith + Eddie
Live Action Short: DeKalb Elementary
Foreign Language Film: The Square

Film Editing: Dunkirk
Sound Editing: Dunkirk
Sound Mixing: The Shape of Water
Production Design: The Shape of Water
Original Score: The Shape of Water

Original Song: Mystery of Love, Call Me By Your Name
Makeup and Hair: Darkest Hour
Costume Design: Phantom Thread
Visual Effects: Blade Runner 2049
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December New Media

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I feel like I've learned a lot doing this list in 2017.  One is that I have time to read and watch TV and movies and all that, but I waste it instead.  The other is that I've gotten really bad about writing things down in a timely manner - like, I did most of December by going back through my journal to see when I mentioned watching or reading things - so I have no doubt I've missed some stuff.  So I need to be better about writing things down, if not every day, then every other day or every few days.  That, and I need to use my time more productively.  And yes, watching TV is more productive than laying around playing Gardenscapes or endlessly scrolling through random tumblrs.

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March New Media

For some reaosn I've gotten really bad lately about updating my Google Docs sheet with my new media on a regular basis.  So I have no doubt that something is missing from this list, and it makes me angry.

(Just about every day I make a plan to get caught up on LJ or even write an imaginary post in my head, and then - obviously - never get around to it.  Busy, y'all.)

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