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this machine will not communicate

25 February 1982
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Screenwriter. Which doesn't mean that's my job yet, just means that's how I think of myself. My actual job is pretty boring and straight-forward but it pays the bills as long as I keep struggling to actually fulfill my dreams which is probably never going to happen and I think I'm getting too emo in my profile...

I'm awesome! One day I will rule the world! And when I write movies someone will buy them and make them and I will be able to afford name-brand cheese crackers!

Other than that, pretty much a major geek (on the internet! what a surprise!) in love with TV and movies of all kinds, but especially SF and fantasy; big fan of KU men's basketball; I'm in year three of teaching myself Latin (et illam linguam celere non disco!); I have three cats and two dogs and it is as chaotic as you might think.

My sister and I have an Etsy shop; she makes jewelry, we both do little decoupaged boxes and shelves and stuff. We basically just sell them because we're running out of room.

I do not know kung-fu.

Feel free to friend!